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9/21 & 22, friday and saturday


new music circle presents

okkyung lee, joe mcphee, chris corsano and bill orcutt

two nights of collaborative sets


9/21, friday at 8 pm

joe mcphee + chris corsano

okkyung lee + bill orcutt


joe's cafe, 6017 kingsbury avenue, st. louis


9/22, saturday at 8 pm

chris corsano + bill orcutt 

okkyung lee + joe mcphee


off broadway, 3509 lemps avenue, st, louis


two day discount option available, for more info click here

10/6, saturday at 5 pm

fotofocus biennial presents

vijay iyer and teju cole's blind spot


vijay iyer - piano

teju cole - text & images

patricia brennan - mallet percussion

okkyung lee - cello

stephan crump - bass


memorial hall, 1225 elm street, cincinnati, oh

10/18-21, wednesday - sunday


zoom in festival


improvisation workshop



solo performance

10/19, thursday at 10 pm 

also with praed (raed yassin + paed conca)


sonarraum pragr, waisenhauspl, bern, switzerland


for more detailed info, click here

10/23-27, tuesday - saturday at 8:30 pm


the stone residency


10/23, tuesday

chris dingman - vibes

sara serpa - voice

okkyung lee - cello


10/24, wednesday

ganavya doraiswamy - voice

brandon lopez - bass

okkyung lee - cello


10/25, thursday

chris corsano - drums

ches smith - drums

okkyung lee - cello


10/26, friday

mary halvorson - guitar

maria grand - saxophones

okkyung lee - cello


10/27, saturday

yeo-neun quartet

maeve gilchrist - harp

eivind opsvik - bass

jacob sacks - piano

okkyung lee - cello


the stone at the new school, 55 west 13th street, new york

11/2, friday


john zorn at 22nd sarajevo jazz festival


John Zorn's COBRA

julian lage – guitar

matt hollenberg – guitar

bill frisell – guitar

eyvind kang – viola

okkyung lee – cello

trevor dunn – bass

brian marsella – keyboards

ikue mori – electronica

kenny wollesen – drums, vibes

kenny grohowski – drums

ches smith – drums, percussion

john zorn – prompter


for more detailed info and full program, click here

sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina

11/5, monday


john zorn at november music


John Zorn's COBRA

julian lage– guitar

matt hollenberg– guitar

bill frisell– guitar

craig taborn- piano

michael nicolas- cello

jay campbell- cello

okkyung lee – cello

jorge roeder– bass

ikue mori– electronica

kenny wollesen– drums, vibes

cyro baptista– drums, percussion

john zorn– prompter


grote saal, verkadefabriek, den bosch, the netherlands

11/9, friday


douglas gordon's portrait of janus


live scoring by okkyung lee


st columbus hall, derry, ireland

11/17, saturday at 8 pm


bludenzer tage zeitgemäßer musik 2018 presents


grey shooting stars (for yun dong-ju)

new composition for cello and prerecorded material by okkyung lee


remise, raiffeisenplatz 1, bludenz, austria

11/22 - 24, thursday - saturday


 huddersfield contemporary music festival presents christian marclay 


11/22, thursday

solo performance


11/23, friday

christian marclay- objects

mats gustafsson- saxophones

okkyunglee - cello


11/24, saturday

duo with john butcher


more detailed info to be announced


bates mill photographic studio, huddersfield, united kingdom

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