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past performances...



1/1, friday

the stone improv benefit night


1/2, saturday

the stone improv benefit night


3-day residency at jack theater, clinton hill, brooklyn

1/6, wednesday

with chris corsano (drums) and ches smith (drums)

1/7, thursday

with stephan crump (bass) and mat maneri (viola)

1/8, friday

with michelle boulé (dance)


1/9, saturday

with ken vandermark (reeds), marina rosenfeld (turntables), cristoff kurzman (electronics)

the stone, new york, ny

1/28 thursday at 7:30 pm


okkyung lee - solo cello


rane moore - clarinets


studio 2, experimental media and performing arts center (EMPAC), troy, ny

1/29 friday at 7:30 pm


basement performances at the drawing center curated by john zorn


andrew lampert - videos/performance

okkyung lee - cello/sounds


the drawing center, new york

john butcher/okkyung lee/mark sanders tour


john butcher - saxophones

okkyung lee - cello

mark sanders - drums


1/31, sunday at 8 pm

presented by sound in motion as a part of OORSTOF series

also with hearts&minds featuring jason stein

de studio, maarschark gérardstraat 4, antwerp, belgium


2/2, tuesday at 8 pm

instants chavirésparis, france


2/3, wednesday at 8 pm

presented by tony dudley moore

hexagon theatre, birmingham, uk


2/4, thursday at 8 pm

private concert

sheffield, uk


2/5, friday at 8 pm

presented by counterflow festival

glasgow, uk


asian meeting festival

with otomo yoshihide, dj sniff, yuen chee wai, krisna widiathama, skip skip ben ben, son x, natalie alexandra tse, pete tr, fiona lee and yong yandsen (please note okkyung is participating from the 7th only...!)


2/7, sunday at 6 pm

spiral, tokyo, japan


2/8, monday at 6:30 pm

art village center, kobe, japan


2/11, thursday at 5 pm

former rissei elementary school, kyoto, japan


2/12, friday at 7:30 pm

metro, kyoto, japan


2/14, sunday at 6:30 pm

wrapping up talk session

uplink factory, tokyo, japan

first edition festival

2/20, saturday at 3 pm

ellen fullman - long string instrument

okkyung lee - cello


kronobageriet, sibyllegatan 2, stockholm


2/20, saturday at 7 pm

rashad becker - electronics

okkyung lee - cello


also mark sanders + john edwards / joe mcphee + graham lambkin


fylkingen, stockholm, sweden

2/26, friday


sonic acts festival


okkyung lee - solo


stedelijk museum, amsterdam, the netherlands

2/28, sunday at 8 pm


amir elsaffar - trumpet

okkyung lee - cello


issue project room, 22 boerum place, brooklyn

opening performances at the met breuer building, curated by vijay iyer


3/2, wednesday at 6:30 & 7:45, sorry but sponsors only

mat maneri - viola

okkyung lee - cello

stephan crump - bass


vijay iyer - piano


3/12, saturday from 10:30 to 4, for members only but please note practically anybody with ny id can have a free membership at the met...!


michelle boulé - dance/movement

okkyung lee - cello/sound


3/18, friday at 2 & 3:15, public opening...!

vijay iyer - piano

HPrizm - voice/electronics

okkyung lee - cello


3/19, saturday at 2 & 3:15, open for everybody

teju cole - text

vijay iyer - piano

patricia franceschy - vibes

okkyung lee - cello


3/26, saturday at 2 & 3:15, open for everybody

vijay iyer - piano

gregoire maret - harmonica

okkyung lee - cello


the met breuer buidling1000 5th avenue, new york

3/17, thursday at 8 pm, the last minute subbing gig...!


spunk plus okkyung lee

maja ratkje - voice & electronics

hild sofie tafjord - french horn & electronics

kristine andersen - trumpet

okkyung lee - cello (subbing for lene grenager)


roulette, 509 atlantic avenue, brooklyn, ny

3/17, thursday at 8 pm, the last minute subbing gig...!


spunk plus okkyung lee

maja ratkje - voice & electronics

hild sofie tafjord - french horn & electronics

kristine andersen - trumpet

okkyung lee - cello (subbing for lene grenager)


roulette, 509 atlantic avenue, brooklyn, ny

4/7, thursday at 7:30 pm

fromm players at harvard, creative music convergences


okkyung lee - solo cello


also with vijay iyer & wadada leo smith, nikole mitchell/tomeka reid/mike reed and steve lehman octet


john knowles paine concert hall, harvard university, cambridge, ma

4/8, friday at 8 pm

premier of red eclipse by okkyung lee


jennifer choi, cornelius dufallo, pauline kim harris, conrad harris, emilie-anne gendron, julianne carney - violin

stephanie griffin, william hakim - viola

michael haas, hamilton berry - cello

stephan crump - bass

ches smith - drums/percussion


roulette, 509 atlantic avenue, brooklyn, ny

4/12, tuesday at 7:30 & 9:30 pm

crump/lee/maneri trio


mat maneri - viola

okkyung lee - cello

stephan crump - bass


the jazz gallery, 1160 broadway, 5th floor, new york, ny

4/22, friday at 8 pm

philadelphia international festival of the arts presents

holding it down: veterans' dreams project by vijay iyer and mike ladd


vijay iyer - piano & composition

mike ladd - text & voice

maurice decaul - text & voice

lynn hill - text & voice

latasha n diggs - voice & electronics

guillermo e brown - voice

liberty ellman - guitar

okkyung lee - cello

kassa overall - drums


kimmel center for the performing arts, philadelphia, pa

4/13, saturday at 8:30 pm

closing concert for cecil taylor: open plan


cecil taylor - piano

tony oxley - electronics

harri sjörström - saxophones

okkyung lee - cello

jaclson krall - drums


the whitney museum of american art, 99 gansevoort street, new york, ny

5/4, wednesday at 7 pm


okkyung lee - solo cello


mary and leigh block museum of art, evanston, il

5/6, friday at 8 pm


chicago jazz string summit

okkyung lee - solo cello


handmade blade:

peggy lee - cello, aram bajakian - electric guitar, jp carter - trumpet electronics


tomeka reid stringtet:

mazz swift - violin, peter maunu - violin, jason hwang - viola, fred lonberg-­holm - cello , tomeka reid - cello, silvia bolognesi - bass, mikel avery - percussion


constellations, 3111 n western avenue, chicago, il

stone performance residency 

5/10 - 5/15, tuesday - sunday


5/10 tuesday

8 pm

the stone benefit improv night

jacob sacks (piano) c spencer yeh (violin, voice) simon hanes (electric bass) eivind opsvik (bass) okkyung lee (cello) ikue mori (electronics) john zorn (sax) $20


10 pm

okkyung lee - cello



5/11 wednesday

8 pm

vicky chow - piano

joshua rubin - clarinets

okkyung lee - cello 

new compositions...!


10 pm

liberty ellman - guitar

simon hanes - electric bass

okkyung lee - cello



5/12 thursday

8 pm

c spencer yeh - violin, voice

jennifer walshe - voice

okkyung lee - cello


10 pm

greg fox - drums

okkyung lee - cello



5/13 friday

8 pm

jacob sacks - piano

maeve gilchrist - harp

eivind opsvik - bass

okkyung lee - cello 

new compositions...!


10 pm

chris corsano - drums

okkyung lee - cello



5/14 saturday

8 pm

time to be with ikue mori

jennifer choi, pauline kim harris, conrad harris - violins

gemma nam, michael nicolas -cellos

ikue mori - laptop


10 pm

time to be with okkyung lee

jennifer choi, pauline kim harris, conrad harris - violins

gemma nam, michael nicolas, okkyung lee -cellos



5/15 Sunday

8 pm

lotte anker - saxes

craig taborn - piano

okkyung lee - cello


10 pm

okkyung lee - cello


the stone, avenue c and east 2nd street

5/26 - 5/28, thursday - saturday

operadagen rotterdam presents il ballo delle ingrate


composition - claudio monteverdi, barbara strozzi, luzzasco luzzaschi
concept, direction, video, sound and live mix - letizia renzini
choreography - marina giovannini
text & game - theodora delavault
live performance - claron mcfadden (soprano), mike fentross (theorbo), sarah ridy (harp), okkyung lee (cello)
video performance - nora fischer (soprano), nicola wemyss (mezzo soprano), vincenzo vasi (bass), sabina meyer (soprano)
costumes and styling - lotte stek, luisa zuffo
video design - raffaele cafarelli, angela gennaretti (red-fish)
production: ingrate art productions, opera days rotterdam


LP2, wilhelminakade 326, rotterdam, the netherlands

6/11 saturday

parallelle liv by jonas corell petersen


multiple performances throughout the day from 2 to midnight by

audree juteau, okkyung lee, ludvig uhlbors, post-MJ era institute of consciousness , øyvind wangensteen, jonas corell petersen, greg pope, MoE, ingri fiksdal, kyrre hellum, eks-svigerforeldre, oddgeir thune, espen alknes, alpha phi chupapi og valborg frøysnes and lasse marhaug


dramatikkenshus, oslo, norway​

6/26 suday at 8 pm

john butcher (saxophones) + okkyung lee (cello)

yoshi wada (bagpipes) + nate wooley (trumpet)

signal, 260 johnson avenue, brooklyn, ny

swans glowing man tour

july 6 -30 in the east coast usa and canada

with support from okkyung lee


july 6 wednesday Union Transfer, Philadelphia PA
july 7 thursday - Royale Nightclub, Boston MA
july 8 friday - Fete hall, Providence RI
july 9 saturday Le Cercle, Quebec QC, canada
july 10 sunday - Danforth Music Hall, Toronto ON, canada
july 12 tuesday - St Andrews Hall, Detroit MI
july 13 wednesday - Shank Hall, Milwaukee WI
july 14 thursday - Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis MN
july 15 & 16 friday & saturday - Lincoln Hall, Chicago IL
july 18 monday - Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
july 19 tuesday - Woodward Theater, Cincinnati OH
july 21 thursday Headliner’s Music Hall, Louisville KY
july 22 friday - Terminal West, Atlanta GA
july 23 saturday - Orange Peel, Asheville NC
july 24 sunday - Exit / In, Nashville TN
july 26 tuesday - Cats Cradle, Carrboro NC
july 27 wednesday - The Broadberry, Richmond VA
july 28 thursday 9:30 CLUB, Washington DC
july 29 friday - Bowery Ballroom, New York NY
july 30 saturday Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

8/17 wednesday at 9 pm

summerhall festival

3 solo sets by carl michael von hausswolf, okkyung lee and mark fell

plus dj set by rian treanor

summerhall, ediburgh, uk

8/17 friday at 8 pm

mark fell (computer) + okkyung lee (cello)

yaxu + cardenas (computer + live projection)


plug, sheffield, uk

9/9 friday at 8 pm


an gléacht, film by caoimhín breathnach & jenniefer walshe 


with live score by

jenniefer walshe - voice

david grubbs - guitar

okkyung lee - cello


anthology film archives, 32 2nd avenue, new york, ny

9/15 thursday at 7:30 pm

brooklyn edition of hear here! 

lisa ullén - piano

sofia jernberg - voice

christopher cantillo - drums

ida lundén - live electronics + objects

david stackenäs - guitar

okkyung lee - cello

shapeshifter lab, 18 whitwell place, brooklyn

9/16 friday at 8 pm

ikue mori's obelisk

sylvie courvoisiser - piano

okkyung lee - cello

jim black - drums

ikue mori - computer

roulette, 509 atlantic avenue, brooklyn, ny 

9/21 - 24, wednesday - saturday at 8 pm

okkyung lee takes over jazz house

9/21 wednesday at 8 pm

david behrman (computer)

mark fell (computer)

9/22 thursday at 8 pm

albert newton (john edwards - bass / charles hayward - drums / pat thomas - keys)

lotte anker (saxophones) with agustí fernández (piano)

9/23 friday at 9 pm

camille norment trio (camille norment - glass harmonica / hårvard skaset -guitar / vegar vårdal - hardanger fiddle)

ikue mori (computer) + steve noble (drums)

9/24 saturday at 9 pm

john butcher (saxophones)

bill orcutt (guitar) + okkyung lee (cello)

jazz house, niels hemmingsens gade 10, copenhagen, denmark

bill orcutt and okkyung lee duo tour

bill orcutt - guitar

okkyung lee - cello

9/24, saturday - jazz house, copenhagen, denmark (also with john butcher)

9/25, sunday - koffie & ambacht, rotterdam, the netherlands

9/26, monday - les ateliers claus, brussels, belgium (also with chris corsano + ridrigo amado)

9/27, tuesday - instants chavirés, paris, france (also with tom carter)

9/28, wednesday - cafe oto, london, uk (also with pat thomas + paul abbott)

9/29, thursday - glad cafe, glasgow, uk

9/29 - 10/1, friday - sunday

wir sind die roboter

a production of gamut Inc in co-operation with NK projekt in berlin


featured machine-ensembles & performers: gamut Inc / logos foundation ghent / roland olbeter machines / pierre bastien / bryan jacobs / nicolas bernier / sonic robots

featured composers: rhys chatham / marcus schmickler / hacklander \ hatam / okkyung lee / hildur guðnadóttir / piotr kurek

installation: jens maria weber

talks: leslie dunton downer / martin burckhardt

musikbraurei, greifswalderstr 23a, berlin, germany

10/15, saturday at 8 pm

world premier of cheol.kkot.sae (steel flower bird) at donaueschingen festival

commissioned by SWR2 NOWJazz 

song-hee kwon - korean traditional vocal

jae-hyo chang - korean traditional percussion

john butcher - saxophones

john edwards - bass

ches smith - drums/percussion

lasse marhaug - electronics

okkyung ee - cello and composition

also with fred van hove (piano) + els vandeweyer (vibraphone)


gewerbeschulen, sporthalle, beethovenstraße 2a, donaueschingen, germany

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